Building a Hanky Planky + kit, instructions & spares offer

The model must be fitted out to comply with our competition build rules.

Take a look at members builds for inspiration.

Spares for a foam Hanky Planky are now available, see lower down this page.



You may not have a copy of the plan. I suggest that if you are not a subscriber to RCM&E, the best approach is to buy a back copy of November 2022’s edition (link opens in a new tab) from the publisher. This will also give you a build article, although Ron’s photo report should guide you through.

Foam Build Help

The cheap & cheerful foamie construction is demonstrated by Ron in the following two Photo Reports. Just click on a thumbnail to view the text and pictures or the maiden flight:

Ron Gray, Hanky Planky Foamie - proposed simple build for club flying completion 2023

Ron Gray, Hanky Planky Foamie part 2- proposed simple build for club flying completion 2023

Link to Hanky Planky maiden flight on YouTube
Hanky Planky Foamie, maiden flight


Link to Hanky Planky windy day flight on YouTube
Hanky Planky windy day flight

Be aware that precautions should be taken when sanding Depron. Ron suggests a good quality mask in his notes, another expert recommends using Wet n Dray paper, wet.


Foam Build Kit & Instructions

Ron is also offering to facilitate your build by:

  • Providing a set of cut foam panels to make the model – you will provide the balsa (5mm) for the formers and (1.5mm) fuselage nose doublers and the ply (3mm) for the engine mount and wing mount plates. (Cost of foam will be approximately £8)
  • Recommending a carbon fibre spar (5mm tube, approximately £3) but it could be ply or fibreglass
  • Ordering the motors from Kings Lynn Models (approximately £20 each)
  • £30 for all of the above

You will need four 9g servos plus an ESC, 3s battery & prop of your choice in addition.

If you want Ron to cut a set of foam parts and/or order a motor/prop please let him know by email (address in members section – committee members details). Get an order in to Ron soon and you could have a kit of parts delivered at the next Club Meeting!

If you don’t remember the password for the Members Only tab, email

Link to Hanky Planky kit of parts by Ron Gray
Hanky Planky Foamie, kit of parts by Ron

Ron has also prepared a set of instructions and a drawing that will help you to build your foamie version. Click on the images below:

Ron Gray, Hanky Planky Foamie - build instructions

Ron Gray, Hanky Planky Foamie - build drawing






Ron has experimented a little and demonstrates one approach to using a Kline-Fogleman airfoil for the build. This approach makes the foamie build even simpler and has some interesting impacts on flying characteristics. It also minimises sanding. The Build Rules (nearer the top of the page) have been adapted to allow free choice of airfoil design.

Ron Gray, Hanky Planky Foamie - KFm-2 wing


Spares for Foam Hanky Planky’s

Ground contact is inevitable and not always so gentle.

As some Hanky’s suffered unscheduled dismantling on their early trials, Ron has made the following spares available for foam built models:

  1. Wing – both upper and lower sheets  £5
  2. Fuselage – sides, top and bottom and Depron formers £3
  3. Tail – Fin, rudder, tailplane and elevator £3
  4. C/F spar £4

Just drop Ron Gray an email.


For an overview of the event, plus the Hanky Planky build rules, and links to all relevant info, visit the Home of the Hanky Planky Wacky races page.