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Kevin Fairgrieve has kindly published closeups taken on 27 August of ‘non Hanky Planky’ flying. Check out these superb picture on Kevin’s Flickr page (opens in a new tab).

A couple of pictures of our Chairman, James Ladell and his son, Alex, both competing in the Jet Masters in Italy, ‘enjoying’ the heat:

Most of the photos I have are published in the event reports or photo reports for 2023. However, I have put together a collection of previously unpublished photographs from 2023 to give a general summary of the year to date (August 2023).

Family Fun Day, Knettishall 10 September 2022

A collection of photographs from this well attended and very welcome event. Despite very mixed weather in the morning, plenty of flying took place and many youngsters took advantage of ‘buddy box’ experience flights.


October Club Meeting 2021

Sadly the dark evenings are already upon us and club meetings at Rougham have moved inside.

Adrian Addison brought along his latest first love. The unusual and remarkable Gas Turbine powered foam Viper Jet by HSDJets. 1.5m wingspan. Really, this has to be seen to appreciate the genius of the concept and quality of the product. No more of a fire risk to fill and run than the ‘price of a car’ models we have become familiar with.

In stark contrast I brought along a little 61cm/24” Mini Drake from Parkscale Models. A slot and glue construction at its very best. Shown here during construction and ‘in the rough’. I hope to make the nacelle interchangeable with a housing for a micro EDF.

John Goldsmith very kindly took some photographs:

Evening Flying, July 2021 Club Meeting at Rougham

John Goldsmith kindly took and donated these photos using a Fuji X-S1 camera. Thats a 26x Optical zoom jobbie with a 12 Megapixel sensor.

John says, “It’s a ‘bridge’ type camera so lots of features to play with but you can’t change the lens. I use it for the zoom range and resolution but I inherited it from a friend and wouldn’t have chosen it – it is very awkward to use. Photoing model planes can only sensibly be done using auto-focus but it’s not very good at doing that in a hurry so a good proportion are out of focus (not helped by the low light level towards dusk, but then you get the interesting sky colours). Several of the controls are too easily knocked into the wring position.  I’d guess most shots were probably around 200-300mm focal length (35mm equivalent). But some shots were then heavily cropped. Windows tells me that the shutter speed in most cases was between 1/500 and 1/900 sec.”

Me, I love the atmospheric shots. Takes me right back to a 110 cartridge job I used to have, that flattered any sky. Incidentally, the aircraft in the sixth shot is close by the windsock…

Chris Cullen JU-87b, jegeschwader 6

Some good things emerged as a result of lockdown, and here is another one.

Having consigned his efforts to the loft more than 30 years ago, Chris was inspired to pick up the balsa again. This is a Guillow kit no. 508: a 1/32 scale stick and tissue kit of the infamous Stuka. 16 1/2” wingspan of pure joy and skill, built for rubber freeflight.

It’s not yet flown, understandably, but has been finished thanks to the Guillow’s UK agent locating suitable transfers. This stimulated the addition of scale armament and fine details.

The model is finished in Luftwaffe dark green using Japanese lightweight tissue + two coats of thinned easy dope. The colour scheme is accurate for jegeschwader 6 operating in the Balkans in 1941.

I am hoping to persuade Chris to gird his loins and check out the flight characteristics – but can well understand waiting for just the right conditions. Those of us who convert such mighty midgets to electric RC have it easy in comparison.

Rougham in June 2021, more pictures

My thanks to Adrian, Nigel and Ron for their patience posing their aircraft for me. Photos by Ian McDowell on an iPhone.

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Have a look at the Rougham site page for a few more pictures of the day the sun was (allegedly) partially eclipsed.

Ron Gray’s freshly built Warbird Replicas BF110 Maiden, May 2021

An incredible first flight of this freshly constructed airframe. The build blogs and a link to the video of this flight can be found via the Photo Reports tab. Stills by Ian McDowell on an iPhone, video by Mike Rieder on a much more capable video camera.

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Tundra re-imagined, by Lee & Matt

Our intrepid reporter, Mark Allen, was so impressed by this conversion he sent me the photographs. I can see why, but its a shame that it didn’t survive the air trials…

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A collection old and new

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