Home of the 2024 Club Competition – Wacky Combat

What do we know so far?

  • Ron Gray is in the driving seat & has put together lists for a range of depron models that work well with last years Hanky Planky drivetrain and servos
  • With 27 kits of various cartoon warbirds already distributed you will stand out if you don’t have one of them
  • So, make a choice; buy a kit from Ron; build it (as straightforward as it gets); decorate it in your own unique scheme; fly it to destruction in good company; win a trophy at the 2024 AGM. Simples!
  • As the star events last year were the ‘collective’ competitions, there will be more emphasis on collective events this year. As an added bonus, Ron is negotiating with another local club to participate
  • These are the proposed rounds for this year’s competition, subject to change to maintain the fun:
    • Viagra challenge – as per last year, all up, last one down wins
    • Poles apart – as per last year but with everyone competing at the same time, first past the post wins.
    • How low can you go – as per last year but with everyone competing at the same time, highest number of under the tape passes wins.
    • Team combat – 2 teams made up of pilots drawn from a hat, cut the opposition’s steamers, longest total length of streamers left wins.
    • Individual combat – cut the other guy’s streamer, first to cut wins.

Building the Wacky Combat Models

The models do not have to be built from Ron’s kits, but they must be the same size. There is no restriction on the motor, but batteries are limited to 3s. Contact Ron at rongray365@gmail.com.

Note the page header photo, where Vic has creatively transformed a Thunderbob kit into an LaFiver.

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Build instructions
2024 Wacky Combat build instructions
Plans (note that the Spitty is not a Ron Gray design)
Spitty Butch bird Corsy
2024 Wacky Combat Spitty assembly 
2024 Wacky Combat Butch bird assembly 
 2024 Wacky Combat Corsy assembly 
2024 Wacky Combat Thunderbob assembly

Members Builds

Just starting up, as photos trickle in. The page is on the drop down menu for Wacky Combat, or click here.