Hanky Planky – Members Builds

(Updated 5 April 2023 with Mark Allen and Mike Rieder photos)

It would be brilliant to publish pictures of everyone’s efforts at building their 2023 Competition steeds.

If you have missed the what, why and how, visit the 2023 Hanky Planky Wacky Races page.

I already have photos from Ron Gray and Kevin Hunt – same plane, different materials.

Best way that I can do justice to these models is to publish pictures embedded into ‘pdf’ documents. A tad cumbersome but the only way to ensure high quality photographs are displayed. All I need is a picture from you and, ideally a few words to help members understand your approach.

Send photographs to me, Ian McDowell using this link.

Click on a thumbnail image below to see the pictures in all their glory:

Hanky Planky Foamie, Ron Gray

Hanky Planky, Kevin Hunt 3 photos

Hanky Planky, Adrian Addison, 2 photos

Ron Spencer Hanky Planky, 2 photos

Kevin Fairgrieve Hanky Planky, 3 photos

Ian McDowell Hanky Planky, 3 photos

Mark Allen, Hanky Planky v1.1 following re-branding

Mike Rieder, Hanky Planky

Kevin Fairgrieve, Hanky Planky Mk2

Dave Last, Hanky Planky

Gary Spicer, Hanky Planky

Ken Holmes, Hanky Planky