15 May 2022, BBQ & World Record attempt


A collection of photos from the day are available from the Photo Reports tab, above (look for the index item ‘Club Events’). Or, follow this link.


Page last updated 7 May 2022 (Record attempt briefing at 11:40) + update to ‘Record Attempt’

This page contains all the information and links for the event at Knettishall on 15 May 2022.

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Questions?  Call (07843 158314), or email (Ianmcdowell18@gmail.com), Ian McDowell – coordinator for the day

The Invitation & Event Information for Club Members is here.


It’s time to register your interest in attending and/or taking part in the World Record Attempt.

Do this by recording your name (+number of guests helps) on Teamup for 15 May,

   or,  emailing ianmcdowell18@gmail.com



The site is open from 10:00am to dusk.

Specific World Record attempt controls will be in place all day. Flyers will be briefed at 11:40 – no briefing, no flying for the attempt (italics added 7/5)

Normal flying is available from 10:00 to 11:30 and 12:30 to dusk.

Between 11:30 and 12:30 there will be no general flying whilst we prepare for, and clear up from, the World Record attempt at 12:00 noon. Whilst we clear up (!) and BBQ some lunch, Peter Jenkins has offered to fly the current FAI Aerobatic Schedule. So, chaos will be followed by F3A elegance.

Weather permitting there will be assisted ‘experience’ flights when other flyers will be asked not to fly.

Everyone on site at 12:00 can take part…though there are some rules.

Regulars Note: the pits will be moved to the South side. You will need a ground spike restraint.


Record Attempt

Everyone taking part must be recorded by the coordinator (Ian McDowell). I have yet to see what the BMFA require, but it is bound to include Club Members’ BMFA membership number and CAA Operator Number.

The record attempt must take place at 12 noon.

Only BMFC members may fly radio control models for the attempt.

The sky will be crowded:

  • We shall be organising take off sequences and locations, but in essence there will be one large circuit for all controlled flight.
  • Your model should be capable of slowish flight, with as long a flight time as feasible. It must be capable of landing on grass.
  • You may also want to think about how individually identifiable your plane will be.

Additional information about our arrangements is available on our BMFA World Record Attempt page. (linked page updated 7/5 for required information)

Guests, friends and especially children will be encouraged to join in with a light free flight plane/chuck gliders. More information is available on the Friends and Family page.

Whilst video evidence is no longer required, I am hoping that lots of people will take and share pictures and videos of the day. I am hoping to include many pictures on the website.



A range of BBQ food will be available starting with bacon/sausage rolls in the morning.

Veggie options will be provided.

Coffee, tea and squashes are also available.

The BBQ is free but contributions will be gratefully received. Please bring cash – surplus funds will be donated to the Air Ambulance.

A folding chair or picnic blanket would be handy.

Take a look at the BBQ page.


Static Display

We are hoping to put together a static display. 

Try to bring along a plane or two of particular interest.

We may even award prizes, but are not likely to disclose categories in advance…


Access and Parking

We are using only the factory gate for the day.

You will not need the access code.

Location & Directions


Day Specific Site Information

Specific for 15 May 2022 only.

Site Layout

Restricted Zones

There will be diagrams at the field on the day, but it may help if you look at the Site Layout and Restricted Zones before being surprised at the field.


Other Attractions in the Area

Click on the image above for a larger map and useful list of activities to entertain the family in the area.



Background Info

BMFA Centenary website (this link opens in a new tab)

Standard Knettishall specific rules  (Extract from our current Club handbook). This is a baseline and will be amended for the day to ensure public safety and specific rules around the record attempt at 12:00 noon.

Introduction email from Vic Blackwood, Secretary – 29 March 2022

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