Archived material

I have reduced the ‘Flying Sites’ tab to just Knettishall. I have also removed the tabs for ‘2023 Hanky Planky Wacky Races’ and for ‘Events 2023’. These will be replaced shortly with ‘Events 2024’ and ‘2024 Wacky Combat’.


Meanwhile I have preserved most of the removed material. Partly it helps me, but also some folk may have a nostalgic hankering. It can be found from an index page found by using the search facility at the top of our webpage. Just type in Archive and press return. It has a will of its own, but one of the responses is the primary archive index.


I have also put pre 2022 Gallery and pre 2022 Knettishall material into the archive.


There is no change to Photo Reports since this is already extensively indexed.