Model Aircraft Article 16 Authorisation

The BMFA first raised this topic in an email to all members dated 4th January 2021.

If you wish to fly (when it’s possible of course)  you must have an appropriate competency certificate. If you wish to rely upon the competency certificates issued by the various model flying associations (BMFA, LMA etc;), you must confirm to the CAA that you have read and understood Article 16. The BMFA have undertaken to record this confirmation on behalf of members.

Since the method of recording is pretty trying, and not accessible to all, our club will undertake it on your behalf. But ONLY if you take action:

Here is the text of an email to all members of our club, dated dated 19 January 2021:

‘Lady & Gents,
The rules on flying unmanned aircraft (models to you and me) have changed. As we start this new (non-flying for the present) year, the Model Aircraft Article 16 Authorisation has become law. All BMFC flyers are required to abide by the Article 16 Authorisation. The BMFA have informed me that it is a legal requirement for model flyers to have acknowledged that the flyer has read and understood the Authorisation.
The BMFA have made it possible for members to log-in and complete a tick box as acknowledgement of Article 16. However, not all BMFC members are registered on the BMFA Portal. Consequently, the BMFA have made it possible for Club Administrators to update the BMFA database with the “unregistered” members compliance if necessary. This can be a rather tedious process as I have just found out when trying to check on CAA OPR compliance by those Club members who have not paid the CAA fees via the Club. (Please note: This is not a criticism. I fully understand that you may well be a member of several clubs or may have registered directly with the CAA)
I would therefore ask that you read (and retain) the copy of the Article 16 Authorisation which I have attached to this message. A copy of the Article is also available to read on the Club Website.
I would also request that you reply to me, stating:
I have read and I understand the Model Aircraft Article 16 Authorisation”.
Please, if you do not respond, then I must infer that you have not read or do not understand the Article 16 Authorisation and that is then a potential problem for both you and the BMFC.
Vic Blackwood
Bury Model Flying Club’



Members can access Article 16 from the legislation page, also accessible via the Members Only tab. You will need the password to access these tabs, although the following link will take you directly to a copy of Article 16 on the BMFA website (opens in a new tab).