Hi8US, Part 2 of an RCM&E free plan built by Ron Gray

Aptly named. Through no fault of Ron there has indeed been much water under the bridge since Part 1 of this build was published.

That was early in January this year (’23).

I had held back Part 2 because of other, pressing issues that needed air space…and was rapidly overtaken by still more issues.

On the plus side, some of those issues may yet come to a fruitful conclusion at next Monday’s EGM in Moreton Hall. Be there or weep!

Still, here it is now and well worth the wait. I, for one, had never come across the concept of a ‘ply cruciform’ to form the nose of an aircraft. Kinda wish I had done that with the Hornet, rather than a big soft block of balsa.

To view this latest report, click on the image below.

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Thumbnail to Hi8US Build Part 2, by Ron Gray