2023 AGM

What did we learn – fees are going up modestly to try to ensure that we can stay in the black and hopefully use our reserves to improve the site and acquire another. Best guess expenses for taking over Knettishall were not a million miles out.

Offers of help on the Committee from Steve Tarrant, Kevin Fairgrieve and Craig Lipsett all gratefully received by those present. Mark Hinton has, sadly, chosen to stand down after many years contribution and will be replaced by Ron Gray as Vice Chairman. Ron will continue to put a huge effort into competition organisation, preparation and development. That is on top of Knettishall site development and maintenance.

Improvement work has already started with a CCTV camera being installed (more on that in a later news item); plus work on the hut is scheduled to start in January – so don’t be shy, step forward and help if you can.

We may also anticipate a couple of site hirings to the BMFA Scale chaps – which could be fun.

If you would like changes/improvements to the website now is the time to drop me a note (ianmcdowell18@gmail.com) or catch me in person, before I set to work this winter on changes.


A few pictures (click to expand/scroll through):


And, a highlight of the evening, the Wacky Races 2023 Prizegiving (click to expand/scroll through):


Followed by a preview of next years completion steed(s). Make a choice; buy a kit from Ron; build it;  fly it to destruction amongst good company; win a trophy at the 2024 AGM. Cinch (click to expand/scroll through):


See you at the December meet and nibbles bash on 18 December at Moreton Hall from 19:30. Bring nibbles.