What a Day – 5 May 2024 Wacky Combat Launch

Congratulations to Ron Gray for a superb event organised on a bright, sunny and warm day. It was a long one for Ron, and he doesn’t even get to take part.

5 May 2024 - Feeding time

Special mention to our chef in residence, Ron Spencer for another superb job feeding the attendees. And thanks too to the many members who prepped the field and helped in all manner of ways through the day.

We had 13 Wacky Combat pilots and planes in attendance, one who forgot his transmitter (!), and one, Aaron. who undertook to fly Ron Gray’s steed. Naturally the planes didn’t all survive, although the provision of a hot glue hospital greatly increased many pilot’s continued participation.

I have a great many photos which I am sorting ready for the website over the next day or two. Meanwhile the two here kind of summarise the event.