Hanky Planky Wacky Races 2023 Competition Rules

The standard club rules for flying apply. So, there must always be a spotter present, in addition to those actively competing.

Unless mentioned specifically, there must be at least 3 competitors for any of the following events (note that this is an increase from the draft rules).

Update 11 May 2023 – after extensive testing, well 3 of us, ‘Poles apart’ will be timed for 2 minutes.

Update 20 April 2023 – ‘Stick it in’ is now ‘Skid Marks’, and the closest landing is judged on the where the model comes to rest.


    1. Come again – Limbo type event, how many times can you fly your HP under the ribbon stretched between 2 poles. The poles used will be the fluorescent green ones kept at Knettishall, spaced 20ft apart and with a crepe tape between their tops. Points scored for the number of successful passes.
    2. Breaking Bread –  6 breadsticks will be stuck in the ground and you have to see how many you can break in 1 pass without the HP touching the ground. This round will only be held if there are 5 or more competitors. Points scored for the number of broken sticks.
    3. Poles apart – pylon race type event, how many laps completed within 2 minutes (2 poles 50m apart mark the circuit, red flag for cutting circuit). Note only 1 model at a time due to club rules. Points scored for the number of successful laps.
    4. Skid Marks – closest landing to marker based upon where the model finishes up. This round will only be held if there are 5 or more competitors. 5 points for closest, 3 to next closest.
    5. Cut the crepe – 2 models each with a crepe streamer, how many cuts of your opponents streamer can you do in 3 minutes. 3 points awarded for each cut (mid air collisions will null the round).
    6. Spin of death – 5 secs motor run from launch, then how many complete spinning rotations can you do before you have to pull out. ½ point scored for the number of successful spins.
    7. Viagra challenge – All up, last one down – all launched together, 5 secs engine run from launch, then power off and glide down. This round will only be held if there are 5 or more competitors. 5 points awarded for the last one down.
    8. Buster Balls – how many balloons can you burst in 1 minute. Points scored for the number of balloons burst. This round will only be held if there are 5 or more competitors.


The above events can be run at anytime throughout the year as long as the minimum number of competitors enter. If you want to throw down a Wacky challenge then just put ‘Wacky Races’ in the Teamup calendar, either as a new event or add it to an existing one.

Ron Gray will lead the competitions at the inaugural meeting on 16 April and thereafter attending whenever he can to assist. 

Points scored need to be forwarded to Ron Gray (rongray365@gmail.com) so that they can be added to the leader board which will be published on our club website.

The leader board will show your best points score for each event, in other words the points aren’t added to previous points. This means that those who cannot fly on a regular basis are not at a disadvantage.

Points will be awarded for the best looking Hanky and at the end of the season for the most beat up but still flying Hanky.

At the Pilot’s Ball in October there will be a prize for the winner of each round and an overall winner for the person who has scored the most points overall.


For an overview of the event, plus the Hanky Planky build rules, and links to all relevant info, visit the Home of the Hanky Planky Wacky races page.