The Drone and Model Aircraft Code (2)

It seems that a week is a long time if the CAA. Following a chance conversation I discovered that updated ‘permissions’ have been issued by the CAA.

The CAA certificates available on the members only page have all been updated:

The Competency Certificate (E 4972) alters the qualifications and includes the BMFA’s ‘Registration Test’ for those without an achievement scheme award. The Exemption now also applies to FPV UK members with the appropriate Online Achievement.

The 400ft General Permission link now goes to a copy of the Official Record Series 4 document 1311, rather than the official letter I used before (!).

There is a new General Exemption (E 4973) that allows qualifying members permission not to display their Operators Number on their models until after 23 February 2020.

In passing, I discovered that members of ARPAS UK are far more limited. If this affects you, search Google for ‘ORS4 1334’. This should enable you to find General Exemption E 4975.