SAM 35 home of traditional model aircraft flying

Avid readers of the BMFA News may recall an open letter from SAM35 inviting flying club chair humans to apply for a copy of ‘SAM35 Speaks’ – the monthly magazine by the UK branch of The Society of Aeromodellers. 

SAM35 are a special interest group within the BMFA and are really surprisingly active. Even last year they managed at least one event at Buckminster as well as having a close relationship with Old Warden. I know from experience that they are a very friendly and welcoming bunch of enthusiasts.

Quite where the distinction between SAM35 and other BMFA special interest groups, such as the scale aficionados, is I don’t know. However, they list their disciplines as Free flight; Control Line; Radio Control and Scale.

As you may imagine, the magazine is brimming with stuff close to the hearts of their members. There is a huge and varied amount of knowledge within their pages.

If you are interested in browsing a hard copy of the magazine, contact me via email and we’ll try to work something out.

I also have a number of flyers from them, information on one side, application on the other.

The following image shows both sides. It should be legible on screen. Also, if you click on the image I have set it up to take you to the SAM35 website (opens in a new tab) which just now looks pretty useful. I say ‘just now’ because I have also read that their webmaster has decided to ‘do a little travelling’ and they are looking for help.

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