Our Flying Sites re-open Monday 29th March

Here is the text of an email to all club members from Vic Blackwood, Club Secretary. Followed by an excerpt, the wise words, of an email from the BMFA to all members.

Friday, 26th March

Hi Everyone,
Well, it is now official! Barring some last minute catastrophe, the current closure of our flying sites will be lifted and we can once more go and “crash with style!” However, it is still worth a note of caution as this virus has not gone away. Thus, we propose to initially open our flying sites under the same restrictions in effect at the pre-Christmas lockdown.
Thus, for both Rougham and Knettishall:
1   Remain Covid aware!
2   Minimise individual contact by observing social distancing
3   Bring hand sanitiser/mask (mask not mandatory if social distancing is observed)
4   Avoid shared equipment if possible (eg sanitise radio scanner)
5   Maintain “bubbles of 6” for the time being as we ease back into flying. (This is not legally required under the current rules but will aid social distancing if a relatively large number of members attend)
6   Maintain Track & Trace by using the Team-up facility to “book” in. If you have forgotten how to do this contact Ian McDowell (webmaster) – email Ianmcdowell18@gmail.com
Honington will be controlled through Mark Hinton.
Most importantly!   Have fun and stay safe!

And the wise advice from BMFA:

  • Is your airframe in good condition?
  • Are your control surfaces/linkages firmly attached and moving freely? 
  • Have you checked your radio and batteries?
  • Have you prepared a model that you’re very comfortable with for those first few flights?
  • Are your registration and competency up to date?
  • Have you renewed your club membership?