Knettishall Noise Issue

There has been a noise complaint from a resident of Coney Weston. The complainant has been pacified on this occasion.

The incident involved a powerful petrol model flying 3D aerobatics. There is no suggestion of inadequate silencing. Some years ago a previous complaint arose from an electric pattern aircraft flying an F3A competition routine.

The committee is reluctant to introduce the noise limitation rule (82dB) and asks that flyers instead take steps to limit the impact on neighbours of the site.

Things to consider:

  • Noise travels further in the evening
  • Local residents will have windows open/enjoy their gardens on warm summer evenings and hot days
  • A breeze from the north carries sound towards Coney Weston
  • The higher a plane is flown, the further the sound will carry
  • The more power required for a plane/manouvre, the greater the sound generated
  • Some sounds carry or are more annoying than others – and duration can be a factor

Please be considerate and help protect our continued use of the site.