Hanky Plankies flood in

It must be a Bank Holiday. Two more builders have sent me photos and brief descriptions of their pride and joy (send to ianmcdowell18@gmail.com).
It looks like the ‘prix du concours’ is going to get lively.

Kevin Fairgrieve has developed a Mk2 ‘reserve’ model in a fetching 2023 topical finish.

Dave Last, on the other had has gone for high vis to ward off the crash test dummy effect. He has also built a profiled, balsa covered, wing combining old school with an up to date Depron body, and, even with a larger than usual battery, it weighs in at a very creditable 550g.

Have a look at both builds in the Hanky Planky Members Gallery, along with the 8 other similarly brief studies of Members’ builds. Or you can go the long way around via the Home of the Hanky Planky Wacky races page.

And don’t forget Sunday 14 May 2023 for another Gala at the The Triathlon – get your name and numbers you are bringing into Teamup. It will make a difference to the size of your lunch.