CAA Exemptions extended

The CAA have extended our exemption for operator qualifications and permission to fly over 400ft until 30 December 2020.

There are 2 new CAA authorisation certificates members should carry, and an exemption for new members (new since 15 June 2020) giving them 90 days to complete their operator registration with the CAA – directly or via one of the 4 authorised model flying associations.

Certificates you should carry as at 20 July 2020:

Competency Exemption Certificate, ORS4 1395 (22 June 2020, General Exemption 5094) – should be carried by all model flyers when flying outdoors. Assuming you are a member of an approved model flying organisation with an achievement award this is your exemption from the CAA competency test requirements to 30 December 2020.

New Members of UK Model Flying Associations, Authorisation Certificate, ORS4 1400 (1 July 2020, General Exemption 5103) should be carried by new members awaiting evidence of CAA registration.

Permission – UK Model Aircraft Associations – Operations in excess of 400ft above the surface issued under the ANO 2016 dated 6 July 2020, extending permission to fly over 400ft should also be in everyones flight box or pocket.

Bear in mind that, like the CAA, you do not need to keep any of the predecessors of these certificates. Also note that if you have been issued with an Operators Registration number the BMFA advise you to display it on every aircraft (over 250g) you fly outdoors.


It is also recommended that you have your achievement certificate, membership card and insurance certificate (downloadable from BMFA) with you when flying.

The Members Only tab (password required) has more information and a permanent link to these documents. I shall again put a printed copy in the hut at Knettishall.