B J Craft Anthem with TMCR, Part 6 Plus Maiden Video, Peter Jenkins

Bonus. We have the maiden video, heavily edited to focus especially upon the landing, which is kinda different due to the way the ESC is used to control revs.

Report 6 majors on aircraft trimming. It’s very focused on the Anthem, but given that these things are designed to fly as told, there is a lot to be learned from Peters’ approach to the basics.

Click on the 1st image below to read Part 6 and the second to go to YouTube for the brief video (which opens in a new tab).

Or, visit the ‘Photo Reports‘ index for a link to the ‘launch page’ for Peter’s Anthem build reports, and the full index of other wonders of manufacture and members activities; some helpful tips and no small list of videos too.

 Peter Jenkins, B J Craft Anthem plus TMCR Build, Part 6

Peter Jenkins, B J Craft Anthem plus TMCR Build, Maiden Video